Netflix CEO’s “Non-Apology Apology” Over Dave Chappelle Show Misses The Mark

No one has ever said that being CEO was easy. And today, as the top leadership role has expanded to encompass “spinner-in-chief” — getting the message right becomes mission-critical. But, as Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos is so publicly finding out, this is awfully hard to do, especially when you’ve placed yourself squarely in the middle […]

Disney Ignites A Firestorm By Dissing Scarlett Johansson: How To Damage An Iconic Company Brand In One Move

Disney just shocked the industry, movie goers, Marvel fans, Scarlett Johansson lovers, and media watchdogs alike with its unnecessary, nasty response to Johansson’s suit regarding “Black Widow’s” changed distribution plans. Instead of taking the high road in their public response to what is essentially a business matter — albeit an important financial one — they decided […]

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over: The Perils Of Declaring Victory In Crisis Too Soon

Covid Crisis Rule #7: It is not over just because you want it to be. Do you remember that ill-starred speech in the middle of the Iraq War, when President George Bush stood on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, with a banner hung behind him that announced “Mission Accomplished”?  Of course, the mission had not […]

Chaos Leadership: When Does Global Crisis Turn Into Chaos And How Do We Survive It?

When crisis management fails, chaos ensues. Teetering on the Brink  As we balance on the cusp between global crisis and total chaos — and we could make the jump into full-bore chaos at any moment — it is time to explore the difference between the two.  It also is time to talk about how the […]